Business Map for Beginners

  • There are three types of business that can change your life. Business Map for Beginners has a simple formula that can help you identify what suits for you.

After reading as many books as possible, watching, listening and attending many classes, I felt like something was missing.

Like all the principles did not match reality, and then, I started looking for secrets that are not presented to the general public.

It took six and a half years for this book to see the light of the day.
At one point, I deleted half of the book. Then I passworded the document and forgot the password. As if it was not enough, the computer took a virus and the book was on the same partition with the running program.
And finally, because I was afraid I’d lose the book, I dropped the stik in the coffee cup.
Why so long?
I do not know why so many attempts, but in the end Business Map for Beginners was on the market.

This book builds on the concepts:
TB = Testing Business
SB = Small Business
RB = Real Business

TB: “I want money right now!”
SB: “I know I will get money, even though it will come little by little”.
RB: “I may lose the money I invested and get nothing back, yet I will do what I wanted to do”.

TB: “My ability to be the best will make the client happy”.
SB: “The secret to success lies in the client’s satisfaction. We differ from the competition, we invest in marketing, and we do the sale”.
RB: “The client’s satisfaction comes when we can offer whatever he desires, even before he is aware that he needs that which is being offered to him.
New trends and new services which support the client even after the sale completion are meant to respect the trust investment made by our client”.

TB: “This is the product I can offer, and all I have to do is sell it”.
SB: “Our target is to improve our products and services permanently. To do this, we must pay attention to what the client requests from us, and continuously adapt out products to his needs”.
RB: “The team will focus on decoding and decrypting our future clients’ desires. We don’t just sell products, we actually offer experiences.”

Along with these concepts add:
FF = T + A + P + E
FF = Financial Freedom
T = Time
A = Abilities
P = Passion
E = Entity

T – represents the time required to get the team which can produce this amount, or the time required to acquire a new ability.
A – abilities required to gather an ideal team which can bring you financial independence, or the ability of the entrepreneur to transform ideas into immortal businesses.
P – is the passion to continue, even when things don’t go as expected.
E – is the only unknown element. It’s nice to see that not everyone knows how to discover it. This last affirmation may seem to be a bit unkind, but let’s remember that here we just talk about business and not about one’s private life.