Andy Kafman

Andy Kafman

Andy Kafman

First of all, let me thank you for taking the time to get to know me better.

I appreciate that you are willing to find out more about who you can be a trainer, guide in fulfilling your own aspirations, mentor, coaching or therapist.

We’re leaving, from the beginning, with the thought that life can get more than everyone has at present.

That’s why I’ve always strained my efforts to achieve performance through paths that everyone can control according to their own personality.

To achieve this, we will use some quantum leaps to make our intentions more efficient.

That is why Entity, MND and influencing training can be true revelations or reinforcements of one’s beliefs.

To convince yourself you only have to read one of the published eBooks:

You will also find other useful materials in the product section.

Personal development included various courses and seminars, from trainer trainer, project management, personal development counselor, quality auditor, entrepreneurial skills, conflict management and negotiation, personal development, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, influencing, NLP, hypnosis and many others.

That is why I have packed up various knowledge and skills only on well-defined sectors of interest, so that everyone can choose only what suits them.

As a man, there are two passions, photography and journalism.

Andy Kafman

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